I have an abundance of scarves. I am absolutely love with scarves. So, I have a three drawer plastic container that I bought from Target to fill with scarves. I am occasionally a little OCD, so I had to separate my scarves by type. In the first bin I put all my handmade crocheted scarves, the second bin is for all my patterned scarves and the third for all my solid colors. I know how my bins work, but I know that others [coughcoughmymomcoughcough] don't know my system, so I finally made some cards to stick in my bins so that way if she needed to find one, she can easily find it. I got out my trusty permanent markers:

And pulled out some small card stock cards:

And let my creative juices flow on them. I had to redo a couple a few times because I didn't like how my "creative" idea came out. But finally, I had three cards that I loved.

It's a simple, easy project that you can add to your organizer!