I am quite excited about this piece! It's one of my favorite pieces I must say. I wanted to do something a little different than the normal painting pieces I usually do. Plus all my paints were at a place I could not get to. So, in came creative thinking and what I could do with supplies that I had available. Thus, this project was born. I was originally planning on making a thread project with the shape of California, but decided against it. I had drawn in pencil the state of California, and thought I could just cover the state with just one vortex. I originally only wanted one vortex on the canvas, but as I was going along, I realized I would need another vortex. So, I created another one. Once I finished that one, I decided to make two more smaller vortexes so as to hide some parts of my outline. It ended up coming out really awesome.

With just the one vortex, I wanted to put a bottle cap over the hole, but now I had four. I thought that four bottle caps would be a little too much, so I decided to use buttons instead. I think it completed the art work nicely.

Here are some pictures of the making of my piece. Please excuse my dog, she pretty much happened to either stick herself in the picture, or she was on my lap in some of these ...

And now, I introduce to you: Color Vortex; Thread, buttons on canvas; 2014: