If there is anything I am complemented on the most, I feel that it is my smile. I've been told that it is contagious. I've been told my smile brightens up their day every time they see me. I've been told that it is a beautiful. I've been told that it makes their day. Today, I have another item to add to the list: my smile makes them happy.

There is a security guard at my work building who opens the door for people as they enter and leave the building. This particular guard doesn't work every day, sometimes it is another guard. But this guy is my favorite. Every time he is there and I leave, I smile, tell him to have a good evening and he does the same. I then continue on and leave.

Well, today, he opened the door for me, and said: How are you my friend? I responded with: I am good, how are you? Guard: I am good! Have a good evening! Me: Thank you, you too! I began to walk away and I hear him say: You are always smiling! I stopped and turned back and said: Well, thank you! Guard: You're welcome! You know, I open the door for everyone when I'm here and people usually walk out with no smiles, and are grumpy after a hard, long day. Me: Well, I just hope that maybe my smile can make someone else happy. Guard: Like I said, people come out grumbling just wanting to get out of here, but you come out smiling. I try to smile, and it's usually genuine, but sometimes it is a little fake or I don't feel like smiling. But not you, you just smile and are so happy. It makes me want to smile and it makes me feel happy inside. Me: There you go, that is my point! I just want to make someone happy. That is my goal, if I can make more people happy that is great. But, if my smile can make one person happy, my goal is complete. I just want to spread a little joy everyday.

I left after that with a huge smile on my face. I don't think he knew it, but he just made my day infinitely better by that conversation.

And that folks, is why I like to smile. Smile and pass it on. :]