If you could have any two famous people for parents, who would you have and why? As much as I love and know that I have the greatest parents in THE world, I think this prompt is a fun one. It got me thinking .. Who would I want for parents!? There are so many awesome people to choose from. After thinking about it, I have made a decision.

If I could have anyyyyy famous person as my mother, I would have to choose Martina McBride. If I could have anyyyyy famous person as a father, I would have to choose George Strait.

To me, Martina is the queen of country music and George is the king. If they are my parents, I would somehow end up with a great singing voice right? haha. They seem like cool, down to earth parents who are tough and firm. Plus, I'd be able to tour with them. Which seems cool because you get to experience different places all around the country and maybe out of the country.

Who would you choose for your parents out of all the famous people in the world?