Winter Olympic Fever

winter 2014.

Like pretty much every other person on the earth, I am glued to watching the Olympics. I really do love the Olympics because its where all the best athletes from all over the world come to compete with one another. I do have to admit, I like the Summer Olympics better than the Winter Olympics, but this year, I'm really digging the Winter Olympics. When I was younger, I always wanted to be an Olympian, but the athletic gene really isn't in me. The competitive gene, however is. If I was some form of athlete, I would have loved to be a swimmer, or gymnast, or figure skater. Yeah, I had a lot of hope that I could be an Olympian in one of those sports. But, alas, that is not my life. So, I'll just be an avid fan of the games. So far, I've enjoyed the games. I really do love rooting from Team USA. My favorite winter sports to watch are figure skating, hockey, snowboarding, moguls, bobsled, speed skating and some of the skiing.

I really enjoyed the slopestyle snowboarding that they incorporated into the Olympics this year.  There was a lot of hype before the Olympics about the course, but the riders all seemed to handle it well. I was very excited that Americans for the men and women's slopestyle won gold.

An "Olympic moment" that I really enjoyed was not for an American athlete, but for a Canadian athlete. It was for the men's mogul. Their mogul athlete, Alex Bilodeau, had a featured story during the Olympics the night that it was on TV. It was a story about his brother, who has cerebral palsy. The spotlight left all of us in tears and I couldn't help root for the guy. Bilodeau ended up winning gold and I was very happy for him. His brother was at the Olympics and the cameramen would show him cheering on Bilodeau. After the race, they showed Bilodeau embrace his brother and pull him over the barricades to celebrate. Bilodeau cites his brother as his inspiration saying that he does it for him since his brother is unable to compete. He said that if his brother could compete, he would be out there training everyday and giving his best, so he is going to do it for him. Yeah, get your tissues! Watch the video here.

For the women's mogul rounds, Hannah Kearney was looking to end her career with a gold medal from the Olympics. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to get gold, but she was able to leave with a bronze medal. I felt so bad for her after the race, she was talking to the interviewer trying to not cry, but ended up letting a few tears out during the interview. Poor thing probably just wanted to go run and hide.

I was very shocked and surprised by the men's half pipe snowboard competition. I was wanting Shaun White to get another gold medal for the US, but unfortunately, it didn't work out that way. I felt so bad for him afterwards. I just wanted to cry with him. Well, he didn't cry on the screen, but I know he wanted to. It was a disappointing loss, but hey, he can always come back in four years and try again to reclaim that gold medal. Also, I'm not sure how he could have so much class after losing and giving an interview. I would be in complete tears and wouldn't want to even talk to anybody. Watch Shaun White's interview.

Then, there is J.R. Celski who is taking over - well not really taking over, but everyone is calling him the new Apolo Anton Ohno. Unfortunately, his 1500m race did not get him a medal, but hopefully in his later races he will be able to get a medal. I like short skate races because it is so interesting to watch and it always makes me very nervous. You're never really sure who could come out on top just because most of them wait until the last minute to get to the front.