What I Like About Traveling

I am a travelholic. It's quite true. I am addicted to traveling. I try to travel as much as possible since there are so many things to see! I've been to many places, but I haven't even reached half of the locations I want to see. So, what do I like about traveling? Well, here are the reasons: A | Exploring. You get to explore somewhere new. A place you have no details about. You get to see the beauty in a place that others might not see. B | Tourist Attractions. This may contradict "A", but some places that you visit, you are drawn to because of their attractions/tourists spots. C | Rides. Seriously, half the fun of traveling, is the ride there. Whether it be the car ride, the train ride or the plane ride - some of the best memories are made there. D | The People. It's fun getting to meet new people along the way. Whether it be the locals or people in your hotel or someone you're standing in line with. It's interesting to see who you meet. E | Memories. All the laughs and giggles. The things you find along the way, the people you meet. It's what makes the whole trip.

Those are my favorite things about traveling. Are you a traveler? What do you like about traveling?