I did a project recently to decorate a table at a dinner dance that one of the local high schools were putting on. All the credit for this project has to go to my mom - she is the one that suggested I do these frames for the dinner dance. DSC_1316

What you'll need:

Cording DSC_1297 Mini Clothes Pins DSC_1300 Picture Frames DSC_1299 Colored Paper DSC_1302 Pictures DSC_1298

Where to find the items:

Cording | You can buy this at Michael's. I decided to get colorful cording because I like colors. Mini Clothes Pins | You can buy the clothes pins at Michael's as well. I already had some mini pins at my house, and of course, I had bought the color ones. Picture Frames | I bought my frames from the dollar store. You can find nice little frames there that do the trick for this project. I bought 5x7 frames, but you can choose whatever frame size you would like. Colored Paper | I bought these from Michael's. Can you tell that I kinda love Michael's? ;] Pictures | I printed out my pictures from Instagram and used those. You can purchase your own Instagram pictures [if you have an account] at Kanvess.

How to:

First, you'll need to remove the glass and papers inside so all you are left with is the backing and frame. DSC_1304 Next, you'll take your colored paper and cut it down to fit the backing of the frame. Once you have cut down your paper, paste/glue/tape down your paper to the backing of the frame. DSC_1303Next, you'll get your cording and measure how much cording you'll need. I figured this out by tying one side of the cording on the hook of the back of the frame. I wrapped the cord around the front side of the backing and then cut the cording with a little extra left over to tie the cording in place.

DSC_1307     DSC_1308 DSC_1309     DSC_1311 Once the cording is all tied and the front of the backing looks good to you, then you can place it back into the frame and push down the little holders to finish it off. DSC_1312 I'm giving these frames away, so I decided to add my name and Instagram name on the back of the Instagram pictures. DSC_1313 You can then add your Instagram pictures to your frames. DSC_1314     DSC_1315 Ta da! Your project is done! The frames make for great presents, or they could be for you hanging whatever pictures you like off of them! They are also quite simple to make.

I was giving these frames away at a dinner dance, so I had to make eight of them. DSC_1317     DSC_1318 Here they are at the dinner dance: Photo Mar 01, 10 34 20 AM