I've been kind of in a rut with my hair lately. I need to get it cut, but I don't have time. When I say 'cut' what I really mean is thinned. I have abnormally thick hair so when I go in for a trim, I trim off very little and thin out the rest. At the end, it looks like I chopped inches off my hair. So, in the mean time, I've been playing with different hair styles that I have found on Pinterest. Okay, maybe it's only two styles, but I like them anyways. They are both braids. Also, my mom had to help me.. I could've done the first one alone, but I was frustrated and running late. Thus, moms are great to step in and help...

The first is a loose braid on the top of the head. I finished the look with a ponytail:


The second is a French braid that is on the side of your head. I also put the rest of my hair into a ponytail. On Pinterest it was supposed to be a bun, but my hair isn't quite long enough for that.


Are you in a rut with hairstyles!? What do you do with your hair?