ATTENTION! Spoilers ahead in this article. If you have NOT watched the episode or want to see the series later and don't necessarily want to find out what happens, do NOT READ AHEAD. Last night was the final episode of How I Met Your Mother. There are so many emotions surrounding this. If you're wondering why I'm writing this blog post now instead of last night, let me tell you why.

I didn't write a blog post last night because I was pretty upset over the ending. I didn't want to write it out of anger. I wanted to see how I felt the next day. Well, after reading twitter feeds and other blog postings/articles regarding the ending, I still am not happy about the ending. I went to bed angry. I woke up during the night angry. I woke up in the morning angry. I was hoping that I'd feel better. But I don't. I thought maybe if I let it set in then I would eventually see it as a beautiful ending. Well, it's seeped its way in and NO, I AM NOT HAPPY. As is most of the world.

Okay. Now I have that out of the way, let's get back to this series.

I started watching How I Met Your Mother my junior year of college. My roommate had the first two seasons on DVD. I had always wondered how the series was, so I popped in the DVD and instantly fell in love with the series. Ted, Marshall, Lily, Barney and Robin were my instant friends. I laughed with them. I cried with them. I learned with them. I made fun of them. I enjoyed all of Ted's stories. Everything was legen-waitforitandIreallyhopeyou'renotlactoseintolerant-dary.

Season after season, I tuned in to see what would happen with my friends. What shenanigans were they getting in to? After a few seasons, I heard that season eight would be the last season. I was set on that. Then, I heard they were picked up for a season nine. I was ecstatic. An extra season seeing all my friends and their crazy stories? High five to that!

Well, that extra season was quite disappointing. Twenty-two episodes were dedicated to Robin and Barney's wedding. Twenty-two. Really? When the season first started I didn't think that the whole season would revolve around the wedding. I began to wonder if the last episode was going to be the episode where everything was squished into one and we would be left with no answers. I discovered I was partially right. Everything was squished into that final episode, but I wasn't left with no answers. I was left with disappointment. Disappointment because I don't feel like the series deserved that kind of ending.

Here's how I feel like the last season should have been: Robin and Barney's wedding should have been one episode. Maybe two tops. Definitely not twenty-two. The rest of the show should have been more stories about Ted and The Mother. That was the name of the show right? How I Met Your Mother. I wanted more stories of The Mother. If they wanted to go with the route of the finale, where they wanted to show how messy life is, I would have preferred a whole season of messy rather than the last thirty minutes of the season messy. I think my heart could have handled that much better. Being thrown all that information in the last few minutes was not helpful. I think I would have been more accepting of the finale ending if they had let us down easily.

The part that I did enjoy about the finale was the fact that they showed the characters progressing through life. They were still friends, their families were expanding - or ending, and we weren't left with questions like: Did Marshall ever become judge? How did Barney and Robin's marriage turn out? And silly things like that. I do wish that that was played out more throughout the season.

Now.. why am I disappointed? Well, here we go on a little rant: I'm disappointed because Ted Mosby, Marshall Erickson, Lily Adlrin, Barney Stinson, and Robin Scherbatsky were friends. Yes, they may be fictional, but they were friends. I'm disappointed in the fact that we spent all season on Barney and Robin's wedding to only have them divorce within the first 15 minutes of the finale. I actually liked Barney and Robin together. I thought they were a good match. I liked that Barney became a man and stopped sleeping with every woman in sight to marry Robin. I don't like the fact that as soon as they divorced, Barney became that man again. Also, the number 31 that he knocked up? Really? Why couldn't he still be married to Robin and have a child with her and realize how much he loved their little girl? I don't like that Robin distanced herself from everybody. I was under the impression that Ted's children always knew Aunt Robin. The episode where Robin dates a man with a kid, Ted says at the end that her heart changed about kids and they should know that because she's their Aunt Robin and there is a drawing that one of the kids drew for her depicting Aunt Robin and them. Yet, in the finale, she meets Penny and she calls Robin "The Bus Lady." I wanted to see more of Lily and Marshall in the final episode. They were my favorite couple. I've even said I want a love like theirs. I am disappointed in the fact that we've waited this whole time to have The Mother, aka Tracy McConnell, in the story and we go from having her to The Mother coming down with a sickness and dying. Yeah. DYING. When I realized they were killing her off my heart sank. WHY DID YOU DO THIS. Then we find out that Ted was telling this whole story to his kids to see if they were okay with him asking Robin out!? NO. JUST NO. That was just too much in one episode. Another thing, why were the kids so okay with it just six years after their mother passed away? If I were in their shoes I don't think I would have been able to be okay with it. I would have been so hurt and confused. Plus, we all knew that Robin and Ted WEREN'T RIGHT FOR EACH OTHER. That has been said time and time again. Heck, we've been beaten over the head with it. Now, we're gonna end the series with them getting back together? I read somewhere that someone said the ending of the series was perfect for the show as it was in 2005 instead of the show it was now. I agree with this, because in the first three seasons, I was definitely pro-Robin being the mom, then as the series grew, I was perfectly fine with Robin not ever being with Ted. I accepted it, I was okay with it, I moved on. I thought The Mother was perfect for Ted. She had his quirks, she totally understood him, she loved him. Genuinely loved him. Not saying that Robin never genuinely loved Ted, but The Mother's love for Ted was different it was the soulmate love. Even Lily could see it in Ted's face when he was talking to The Mother on the phone. I am upset because they took everything and just turned it upside down. It was very hard to soak up and be okay with.

I understand that the writers wanted the episode to be 'messy' as though it were real life. I understand their thought with that. I know life isn't perfect. But, I wanted Ted to get his happy ending with THE MOTHER. I wanted them to grow old together. I wanted Ted and The Mother to be best friends with Lily and Marshall and Barney and Robin. With each of them being married couples. I wanted that ending.

Alas, that's not how it was nor will it ever be. So, here's to the past nine years of a wonderful series [minus the finale ;)]. Here's to saying goodbye. Thank you Ted Mosby, Marshall Erickson, Lily Aldrin, Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky for all the laughs, tears, lessons and stories we've all come to love.