Scotty McCreeryClovis Rodeo April 24, 2014 9:00 PM

It's that time of year again for Rodeos, and this year it was the Clovis Rodeo's 100th year. To kick off the rodeo on Thursday, there was PBR and a kick-off concert by Scotty McCreery. I had seen Scotty McCreery in concert before at the KISS Country $5 summer series a couple of summers ago and thought he was pretty good. I could see why he won American Idol. The only problem then was that he had one CD out, so he sang a lot of covers. This time around, he sang more original songs since he has two albums out.

His set was really great. He came out playing fast paced songs and got the crowd going. He even danced. It was cute. Scotty McCreery is actually a really funny guy as well. He talked about his times on American Idol, the music he likes to sing [classic old country], and more. I didn't realize how funny he was until that night. He ended the show with a three song encore - which included See You Tonight - which is my favorite song by him. My friend asked if I wanted to leave at the encore, but I said no, because I knew he had to sing that song before he left. And, he did. I was happy. He ended the set with a new song, which I think he said will be the next single. It was a pretty awesome song, I wish I could remember the name of it. But I can tell that it will be a hit if he does release it.

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