My box has arriiiiiiived. Seriously, it's like Christmas EVERY MONTH. I jump and scream like a little child. Hmm... Maybe I shouldn't admit that, but oh well, I don't care. Anyways, I opened my box of wonderful goodies and loved a lot more of the pieces this time around. I received a bracelet, two shirts, shorts and a dress.

I was not very enthusiastic about the dress and the striped shirt when I pulled it out, but once I tried on all the pieces, I discovered that I actually really liked the striped shirt. The dress was definitely not a favorite on or off the body. I really liked the blue sleeveless shirt, but when I tried it on, it was very tight and ill fitting. I was disappointed because that was my favorite piece of the whole box. I did love the shorts as well. The bracelet, I find to be really beautiful, but not sure if I would wear it that much. Since I'm not keeping the whole box, I'm not sure if the bracelet would be beneficial to keep. I do know, however, that the striped shirt and shorts will be kept from the box.