Every May, my hometown has a parade for homecoming weekend. Usually I go to watch my sister march in the parade - she's in the high school band. I don't usually stay for the whole parade because it gets ridiculously hot, especially if you're in the sun. I like to take pictures of the different floats in the parade, and of the band itself. So, I found a spot [in the sun] and waited for the parade to start. It started to get a bit warm while waiting but occasionally the breeze would pick up. As I waited, an old man wearing a cowboy hat came across the way to talk to me:Would you like a tattoo? They're free AND washable.

I couldn't turn him down, he was just so excited to hand out a free tattoo. The parade finally began. We always begin with this huge flag of the United States. Then, the homecoming court comes in and different bands march through. The ladies in the red hats and purple shirts on horses ride through and my favorite - the Sherriff's on horses parade through. The band makes its way to the starting line and marches on through. I'm a bit of a nerd and really like marching bands. It's just so great how they play - especially for high school. I really like the drum line.. it's the heartbeat of the band. After they marched by, I grabbed my stuff and followed them to meet up with my sister and mom. I followed until they were done marching then left.

See more photos of the parade here.