Okay, I’m kind of obsessing over this new country act. His name is Chase Rice. He is so. good. When I first heard his single, Ready Set Roll, I thought he sounded a bit like Tim McGraw at some points and I was a bit confused while listening because I just saw Tim McGraw in concert a few days before that. After listening more, I realized it wasn’t Mr. McGraw. So, I googled it and figured out it was Chase Rice. Well, then I couldn’t get the song out of my head. I would hope radio stations would play the song, but I go impatient and just decided to buy his EP so I can have the song and learn some of his other songs. I mean, if I like one song, I’m bound to like the others right?? That is my logic. I downloaded his album, Chase Rice EP, and really found that I enjoyed his music besides the one song I know. If you’re looking to just start out with some of his music to see if you like it, then I recommend getting this EP. It contains six songs, including Ready Set Roll, which is one of my favorites along with Party Up [featuring Colt Ford], and Country in Ya.


Ready Set Roll Party Up [featuring Colt Ford] Country in Ya Look at My Truck Best Beers of Our Lives How She Rolls

If you like his music, you can check out his new album, Ignite the Night, which was released August 19th. I have not had a chance to pick up the album yet, but I’m sure it’s freaking amazing. So be sure to get it.