Since moving across the country without knowing ANYONE, I needed to find a way to make new friends. I heard of this site called Meet Up. Its a site where there are hundreds of groups that you can join and then go to events with them. So, if you are looking for friends with the same interests (i.e. photography, art, writing, tech, etc) or just new friends in general, you can join the group and then the group members create events and you can attend and meet new people. I really like Meet Up because I can meet some new people or if I don't, I can leave the event without feeling guilty of ever hanging out with them again. Everyone is kind of looking for new friends and seeing how it goes. About a month ago I went to two meet ups and it they weren't that successful. I ended up not meeting any new friends from those events. I just went to a meet up last weekend and ended up meeting some new friends from the event - which was my goal.

If you have been thinking of joining meet up, I highly encourage you to do so!