I've been a fan of Jimmy Kimmel ever since my brother and I stumbled across his show late one summer night. The first episode we watched featured a Cousin Sal skit. I want to say he was working a ice cream shop and was messing everything up, but we thought it was hilarious.

After that we stayed up late on our summer nights to see what Jimmy would be doing on his show with all his shenanigans. Uncle Frank quickly became a favorite as well. After high school, I didn't really watch the show as much as I didn't have a TV in college. I still don't have a TV, so I can't watch the show, but I watch his YouTube clips to see what's been going on.

Let's start with the Worst Twerk Fail EVER video that he shared with the world. Um, can we please talk about how BRILLIANT this is!? He single handedly fooled the whole world. Only a genius mastermind could come up with this.

Next up, Mean Tweets. These are the funniest videos EVER. I love seeing the reactions of the celebrities faces when they're reading the harsh tweets about them.

Now, we can't forget about asking pedestrians on the sidewalk their opinions on things that may or may not have happened. People want to be on TV so bad they are willing to lie. It's great because they believe that their answer is true. Or his videos where he does a 'lie detector' test on kids. We all know he's a comedic genius, but he also has a softer side.

Now, the real reason for why Jimmy Kimmel is awesome is because this man from Fresno [holla] saved an elderly gentleman from a burning building and Jimmy had him come on the show and surprised him with different gifts. I think this is pretty cool because you usually hear of Fresno being on the news for not so good things.

For example - being the drunkest city in America a couple of years ago, being broke [look up the banter between Conan and the mayor], labeled one of the cities with the most unhappiest citizens.. Not ever in the national news like this. I'm sure the ma was just trying to help out, not wanting to gain any recognition, and here he is getting gifts from Mr. Jimmy Kimmel. It's great.

And this is why I love Jimmy Kimmel and think he is the best.