It's November 2nd, 2014 and I'm sitting at my little desk looking out my patio watching snow flurries come down. Yes. You read that right: November. 2nd. snow. flurries. Crazy.

But I'm pretty excited about it. It doesn't snow where I'm from. Well, I mean it probably COULD, but the coldness and moisture don't match up for it to ever snow. The last time it snowed was when I was in the 5th grade. And it pretty much melted when it hit the ground while in other towns nearby, they had 1 to 2 inches of snow and had snow days. Totally not fair in my opinion..

The last time I went to the snow was in college. We went for a snow day to have fun. So, now that I'm living in Massachusetts and I get to experience snow falling, it's pretty crazy. Especially since It's the beginning of November and I'm sitting watching snow flurries fly about. I also have a perfect view of some guy who left their window open partially. Which doesn't make sense because it rained yesterday, but that isn't the point. His car will be nice and cold and frosty.

I tried to get some pictures, but they didn't come out. You can't really tell that snow is falling about. Which is okay, but I really wanted the snow flurries to come out in my pictures so I could share them. I really shouldn't fret because once December comes and it's actually time for constant snow, I'll be able to get PLENTY of pictures of snow.