Repurpose Frame
Since this is my first apartment and I'm super excited about decorating it - but at a decent price since I'm not a millionaire - I have been hitting up thrift stores trying to find pieces for my new home. One thing I wanted to do was find cheap frames and use them on my fridge. I had seen something like this on Pinterest and thought it was soooo cool.
While out adventuring, I found an unfinished wood frame. I painted it and put some magnetic tape on it to hang on my fridge, but, either the frame was too heavy or the magnets weren't strong enough to make it stay. So, as I contemplated on what to do with it, I stuck it on my desk as some art. Well, the back of my door has a weird peep hole to look through, so I wanted to spruce it up a bit.
I bought some command strips [which are the best thing ever invented] so I could hang up any artwork or items on the wall. Command strips are an amazing thing if you can't put holes in your wall..

Once I had the command strips on, I stuck the frame to the back of my door. I followed the instructions that came with the command strips, and waited an hour before completely hanging the piece.
Screenshot 2016-06-05 17.23.25Screenshot 2016-06-05 17.23.35
Also, if you're a Friends fan, you probably noticed that I used Monica and Rachel's apartment's door as inspiration. Why not make the door a little prettier?