Snow Days

For Californians who don't live in the mountains where it snows - which may very well be alllllll Californians, we always wished for the elusive "snow days." Instead we get sunny days or rainy days. And if you're ever so lucky to be from the Valley, you get FOG days. Which may be the closest thing to a snow day - minus the big factor, SNOW.

Growing up, during the winter, I was always wishing for fog days. Missing school or going into school later was the best. Then adulthood happened and there is no such thing as fog days. We always wondered what kids with snow did for their snow days. And also pondered how it felt to have a snow day.

Now, moving to the east coast and surviving (or at least trying to) my first winter, I have had a couple snow days. They are work from home snow days, but they are still snow days. Snow days are fun, because you can work from home in your pjs and look out at all the pretty snow falling. The bad thing about snow days is the fact that I begin to get a little stir crazy. I actually find myself wanting to bundle up to go into the snow to take a break from being indoors.

My favorite thing is to walk out and see how much snow is piled up everywhere.

Screenshot 2016-06-05 17.13.38

Screenshot 2016-06-05 17.13.38

So. much. snow. everywhere.