Transformation Tuesday
Something I've been getting asked a lot recently is how I have lost so much weight. Is there a diet? What exercise program am I using?

So, I decided to turn to my blog to share how I did it.

Before I left for Massachusetts, I had been trying to lose weight. Maybe not as faithfully as I should have been trying, but I was trying.

I was doing Beachbody's T25 and running when I could on Saturday's. I was losing minimal pounds doing both of those things. I was hoping to go to the big city with less weight than I had, but a whirlwind of events in my life caused for that to not happen. So, I went off to Boston with 160+ pounds on my body.

Screenshot 2016-06-05 16.20.49

Left: June 2014; Right: December 2014

Moving to Massachusetts, I was leaving behind my car, which means I would be taking public transportation and walking more. A lot more. I'm not going out to eat as often - maybe once or twice on the weekend (because who likes to cook on the weekends?). I recently bought a scale and my new weight comes in at 142! I can fit into size 5 pants again (haven't been able to since sophomore year of college).

Do I have a special diet? No. Do I have an exercise program? No. Did I change my diet? Not really. I may have cut out eating out, but I still drink soda, eat candy, Oreos, bread, etc etc.

So, my BIG secret? Just walk it off.