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I'm bring Selfie Saturday back. Yeah. You other felllas don't know how to act. Yeah. Break it down.

Yesterday, March 20th was the first day of spring. Just when I thought we would be on the downhill slide with snow, what happens? IT SNOWS. I didn't think it'd be snowing today, but as I was preparing to go to the bank to get some quarters for laundry [seriously, why don't we have money cards for this!?] I just happened to peek outside and guess what!?

S t i l l  s n o w i n g.

So, I had to bring back my snow boots, my warmest hat, and bundle up. I even asked my coworkers yesterday when warmer weather would be coming. Just 'cause this Californian needs some warmer weather.

Snow, I'm done with you, bring on the sun!