This year I attended the annual Boston St. Patrick's Day in Southie. I like parades, so I was excited to go. The day of the parade ended up being cold with spotty rain, but that didn't stop people from going out and enjoying the parade.

This parade was different compared to parades I am used to. For instance, there were no floats in this parade. Everyone walked, or had cars. There were a lot of bands, bagpipes, military, politicians, minutemen, and a few randos like ghostbusters and storm troopers.

Screenshot 2016-06-05 16.42.48

One of my favorite parts about the parade was receiving free candy and a free koozie! I also tried to get free green beads, but no luck. My friends and I were freezing after an hour and a half of standing in one spot watching the parade, so we decided to head towards the T before the parade ended. We ended up walking in the direction that the parade started so we could see the rest of the parade. We unfortunately didn't make it to the T before the parade was over, so we were met with a ridiculously long line of people waiting to get on.

We decided it would be faster if we walked towards downtown Boston in search of a bar to go to so we could get some green beer. We ended up at Barney Fanning's, but did not get to have green beer as they didn't do that there. But we were hanging out at an Irish bar, so we were continuing on with celebrating St. Patrick's Day.