I LOVE taking pictures. I am always snapping away when I see something awesome.

I have a problem though...

As much as I LOVE taking pictures, I LOVE being in front of the camera.

Usually photographers hate being in front of the camera - and that's why they're behind the camera snapping away, but not me. I think it's because I'm the first kid and my mom took gazillions of pictures of me. I'll admit it, I'm a little ham.

So, for Easter Sunday, I felt like a little fashionista in my maxi dress and had to snap some shots of myself. I didn't have anyone to take the pictures for me, so I became creative with my timer on my iPhone and began posing away. Out of the 10 poses I tried, this is by far my favorite.

What was I laughing at? I have no idea, I just knew I had to make myself laugh otherwise my smile looks fake.

Screenshot 2016-06-05 16.27.36