Canaan Smith Dan + Shay 7:30 PM Paradise Rock Club Boston, Massachusetts

When I first heard that Dan + Shay were bringing their show to Boston, I knew I had to go. Unfortunately, I somehow missed the pre-sale and normal ticket sales. The show sold out verrrry quickly. I checked Stub Hub and the tickets were out of my budget since everyone was over selling them. I had accepted the fact that I just wouldn't be able to see my fav duo perform.

The morning of the show crept up and I knew I had to go. So, I checked Stub Hub again annnnd to my delight, I found a reasonably priced ticket! I was so excited. I decided to buy the ticket. I knew the arena was only standing room, and since I am short, I knew I would want to get a good spot. I went to the venue area around 3 and noticed that there was a line already. It wasn't too far from the entrance so I decided to stand in line. Call me crazy, but seriously, I wanted to see the guys, not having to try to peer over someone's shoulder the whole night. #shortpeopleprobs to the max.

Canaan Smith was their opener. While waiting in line outside, I thought I had seen him helping his band carry equipment inside. Of course, it was and I had wished I said something, but that chance passed.

I only knew one song of his, and it is his current single, Love You Like That. I really enjoyed his set though. I want to buy his music because he is really good. I also liked his cover of Jealous. The dude can hit high notes like it was nothing! I also liked the rawness when he sang a song that he wrote about his brother that passed away.

minorsidenote: their music while waiting for the performers to start was awesome. not sure who created the playlist, but I have to give them props, because there wasn't one song that I didn't like that they played.
Basically, Dan + Shay are theeeeee best. I can rave on and on and on and on about them, but I'm not going to because that would be a really long post and you wouldn't want to read on for that long.
This is my second time seeing the boys. The first time I saw them, was in my hometown at a free show. I even got to meet them afterwards - they are the most nicest, humblest guys out there. I was excited to see them this time because they would be playing with a full band. Not that the acoustic show wasn't amazing - because it was.
I'm really glad I waited in line for 3+ hours to get the spot I had. I was about 4 people back from the stage with a perfect view.
They opened the show with Somewhere Only We Know - which is one of my top favorite songs by them. [Quite honestly, its hard to hate any of their songs, they are all my favorite so I have to rank the songs by "top fav" and just "fav."]
One of my favorite parts of the night was when Shay sang to me. I wasn't pulled up on stage or anything, buuut we made eye contact and he sung to me. That is all I care about. I had the biggest smile on my face and then after our brief moment the girl in front of me totally turned around and smiled at me, and I just had the silliest grin on my face. I'm still swooning.
The guys basically danced and jumped around stage the whole time, which is great. They had awesome energy and the crowd picked up on that. I was dancing and singing the whole way through. Or maybe screaming the whole way through, not sure how much of it is actual singing when you're belting at the top of your lungs.
Besides singing their own songs, Dan + Shay also threw in some cover songs, which all sounded amazing. My favorite was the Dynamite + Moves Like Jagger mash up.

One thing I noticed about Dan was he has perfected 'the smolder.' It makes hearts melt everywhere Dan!

I could have had the chance to meet them again, BUT I was too slow to buy something from the merch table to get a wristband. I SHOULD have gone by the merch table before to snag one, but I preferred to get a good spot center stage. In which I do not regret that decision as I had a great view of the whole concert. Lesson learned for next time - go by merch table first OR get VIP tickets.

I definitely recommend going to a Dan + Shay concert if you ever get the chance. They love their fans, they put on one hell of a show, and you will not regret going. Ever.

Dan even came into the crowd after their set. Not sure how he made it out in one piece, but not many artists do that!

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