I saw earlier this week on twitter the top 10 things to do in Boston in May. One of the items on the list was a free ferry ride to Georges Island for its opening day. I had been told many times that Georges Island is an awesome place and that I had to go. What better time to go than when you can get a free ferry ride?

My friend came with me as she had not been to the island as well. The first ferry was leaving at 10 AM - we got to the dock a little before 10 and found out that the 10, 11 and 12 o'clock times were all "sold out."

We chose the 1:00 departure and ended up walking around Boston to kill some time. We walked over to the Boson Public Garden to see all the pretty flowers.

Once it was time to catch the ferry we picked to sit on the top deck of the boat. It was very cold and windy. The ride out to the island is about 45 minutes. I was a little worried that I might get sea sick when I was on the boat, but the boat was going fast enough that I couldn't feel the wave motion. I was very happy about that.

We decided to pack a lunch to take with us and eat on the island. We set up a spot and ate our lunch while looking out at the beautiful water.

I didn't really know much about the island before coming. A co-worker of mine had told me that the fort was used to hold Confederate soldiers captive from the Civil War.

There were so many cool staircases in the fort. There were a lot of different passage ways you could go into. If you go, be sure to bring a flashlight {{ or use the flashlight on your phone }} as some rooms are very, very dark.

Not only could you check out the fort on "ground level" you could also walk on top of the fort. How freaking cool is that!? Walking on TOP of the fort. The fort top is grassy with chimney's, look out points, canon areas, and what appeared to be fountains, but I'm not exactly really sure if they were fountains.

Things to know before going to the island: >> Make sure to wear a good pair of walking shoes. Although the island is not h u g e - you still do a lot of walking! You want to make sure your feet are comfy. >> There are no trash cans on the island. If you are bringing a picnic, be sure you have a bag for your trash to take back with you. >> You can walk the island by yourself or take a tour - one of the tour guides dresses up {{ which is very awesome in my book }}

We caught the 4:00 ferry back to Boston. This time we sat in the indoor part of the ferry to escape the wind and cold. It was cool seeing the other islands on the way back. There were also planes that were flying low to land at the airport - which was pretty cool to see. Also, coming back and seeing the Boston skyline was a gorgeous sight.

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