In the Financial District / Downtown Boston area, there is this awesome air sculpture by Janet Echelman. It hangs above the Greenway.

The sculpture seems so airy and light. Almost yarn like up in the air. But the threads are definitely made out of something much sturdier as it has to survive many months of elements while hanging in the air.

The sculpture is also incredible to see at night as well. I didn't realize that it lit up at night - until I saw some pictures on twitter. On Friday night while I was out and about, I made sure to swing by the Greenway on my way to the train station to see the sculpture. I also didn't realize that it changed colors every so often. Very impressive, I must say.

If you're planning on seeing the sculpture, come before October!

Screenshot 2016-06-04 11.53.54Screenshot 2016-06-04 11.54.07Screenshot 2016-06-04 11.54.14