Last Friday was the Best Buddies Tom Brady Football Challenge at Harvard Stadium. This event goes on every year and kicks off the Best Buddies weekend. This is my first year going and it was so much fun. Different Patriots football players and celebs come and play in this game along with special Best Buddies athletes. It was fun to watch. Tom Brady made some beautiful, beautiful passes, was rushed by the cutest kids on the field, and overall had a great time. TB quarterbacked for both teams.

Screenshot 2016-06-04 11.43.54

The New England Patriots players that were in attendance were: Julian Edelman, Rob Ninkovich, Danny Amendola, Dane Fletcher, and Chandler Jones. The celebrities that I spotted: Dane Cook, Michael Chiklis and Lauren Potter.  The game was held in Harvard Stadium - which is a gorgeous stadium. Guy Fieri was also at the game as he provided tastings at the tailgate.

Overall, the game was really fun to watch and see everybody play.

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Screenshot 2016-06-04 11.44.14

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Danny Amendola + Chandler Jones.
Dane Cook.
Michael Chiklis + Rob Ninkovich.