While scouring the $1 book shelf section at a nearby bookstore, I stumbled upon this book. The synopsis of the book seemed interesting, so I decided to take a chance. I'm quite glad I did.

As a young child, Jane has an imaginary friend named Michael. An imaginary friend comes to help a child in their young life. After a certain age, the imaginary friend disappears and the child forgets all about him/her. Michael leaves little Jane in tears on her 9th birthday, saying she will never forget him. Speed along 23 years later and Jane still remembers Michael. She's not sure how or why she remembers him, but she does. Jane never outgrew searching for love in all the wrong places. Her mother, a renowned Broadway producer, doesn't care about her, her Broadway actor boyfriend doesn't love her, she is stuck going through the motions. Until one fateful day Michael spots Jane and the two are reintroduced. They begin a relationship with a twist of the reason why Michael is back in Jane's life.

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