I have finally gone to an east coast beach. I went to Crane Beach in Ipswich with some friends a couple of weekends ago.

Next to Crane Beach is the Crane Estate. This place is g o r g e o u s. There are tours that you can take, but we just explored the mansion on our own time. Out back there is a gorgeous greenway you can walk along to the edge of the cliff that overlooks the ocean. Breathtaking view.

While we were there, they were setting up for a wedding. I'm sure the wedding would have been equally as gorgeous.

Now, on to the beach! There are a lot of differences between the two coasts. Some of the differences I noticed:

>> the sand || of course, there was a high tide so I don't know what the sand was like at tide level, but the sand felt grainier. >> the water is colder - but it was an overcast day. >> baby waves >> no surfers || where are all my surfer dudes at!? >> marsh lands || I actually thought this was really cool how it was all marshy behind us.

As I mentioned, the tide was high, so we sat higher up on the beach, but it worked out. I ended up taking a two hour walk with my friend, walking the whole entire beach basically. It didn't seem as though we walked that long, but it was great.

I'm a California girl, so I love my beaches. The east coast beach was good to me, so I can't say that I hate it. If I can spend some time at the beach, that is a-okay with me.

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