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I did it. I went to a Taylor Swift show.

Those that know me are probably like "Whaaaaaaat!? You went to a T Swift show!?"

My answer: "Why yes, yes I did."

Okay, so I wasn't a huge fan of her's anymore, but I needed to experience the Taylor Swift concert.

I'm just gonna say it: this girl can put on a show. You will not be disappointed if you go to one of her shows.

She sang her album 1989 in its entirety. There were about three songs that she sung from past albums. I wish she would have sung other songs like Tim McGraw or more songs from Fearless, but I understand that she's trying to go in the pop direction and all those other songs are country.

However, I do like her new sound as a pop artist. My friend and I ended up buying her CD after the concert and jammed all the way home.

One of my favorite parts about the show was everyone in the audience had these bracelets that are handed out as you go to your seats, that light up to the beat when Taylor performs. The whole audience is lit up. It looks like cell phone lighters, but it's actually the bracelets. It was so freaking cool.

Each night, Taylor Swift has a special guest come out and they sing a song together. Taylor had Walk the Moon perform at the stadium the night before {{ which made me super bummed because I l o v e Shut Up and Dance }}. On the night I went, she had MKTO come out and sing Classic with her. It was cool seeing them perform together, but in my opinion, it would have been awesome seeing Walk the Moon.

Screenshot 2016-06-04 10.27.22Screenshot 2016-06-04 10.27.33Screenshot 2016-06-04 10.27.48Screenshot 2016-06-04 10.27.59 Have you been to a Taylor Swift concert? How did you like your TS Experience?