Sailing, Take Me Away

Boston, Massachusetts

Earlier this month, I went on a little sailing adventure. It was an adventure with my work. Our outing was the perfect day. A few days earlier, some of my other coworkers were able to have the chance to go on the boat, but the weather ended up being crappy so their ride was cut short.

The sun was out, the weather was perfect... we really couldn't argue with the gorgeous-ness of the day.

We sailed around some of the Boston Harbor Islands and around the Harbor. When we were heading out, I sat on the side that leaned towards the water. I really thought I was going to fall off the boat that I was holding on with my life. Of course, if I really go sailing I would know that I wouldn't fall in, buuuut I didn't know that at the time. I probably looked ridiculous, but, I didn't really care. I just wanted to make sure that I did not fall in.

I was a little afraid I would get sea sick because when I've been on ferry's or other boats and have been sea sick, but this time, I DIDN'T GET SEA SICK. I was so happy. I had sea legs for a little bit after the ride, but otherwise, I didn't need to puke at any point, so I call that a successful ride. I didn't even have to take dramamine!

The captain was really nice - he let me steer the boat. Okay, who am I kidding, I'm just pretending because no one would want me to be the one to be their captain. We would probably crash into something or get insanely off course. We wouldn't want t h a t to be in the news. So, I just opted for a photo opportunity.

One of my favorite parts about the sailing adventure {{ minus all the amazing views }} was the fact that they played country music. At the end they just played Zac Brown Band. It really doesn't get much better than that!

Screenshot 2016-06-03 22.24.26

Screenshot 2016-06-03 22.24.26

Screenshot 2016-06-03 22.24.36

Screenshot 2016-06-03 22.24.36

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