The final "summer" weekend was here. I was able to leave work early on Friday due to Summer Fridays in the office. I decided I would find an awesome place to try my first lobster roll. According to the Thrillist, Yankee Lobster Company was the best place to get a lobster roll for an inexpensive price. They had a regular lobster roll and also a fried lobster roll option. I didn't know what a fried lobster roll was, so when I went to the restaurant, I asked and the cashier said it was where the lobster was fried. That sounded like a whole lot of fried goodness that I couldn't handle, so I decided to try the regular lobster roll. It was absolutely amazing. I devoured the lobster roll within 10 minutes. Maybe skipping lunch was also a part of why I devoured it so quickly, but regardless - it was

After my lobster roll excursion, I made my way to Castle Island. Castle Island is pretty cool. Although, I'm not sure why it is called Castle Island because it is still connected to the mainland.. BUT, it was fun to explore nonetheless. The fort on the island, Fort Independence, was closed, so I couldn't go inside, but I walked around the island taking in the views. There is also a little food vendor on the island where you can grab some food and set up a picnic. There are many benches on the island for you to sit at and watch boats sail by. At one point, I saw a Norwegian cruise ship leave the harbor. It was pretty cool to see it leaving the bay.

There is a walkway at the end of Castle Island that you can walk back to the mainland. Essentially, you can start on the mainland, walk the island, walk the pathway in the bay back to the mainland. It's a pretty cool view. Not only can you see the Boston skyline, but you can look back and see Fort Independence. While walking along the path, you'll see many planes fly in, as Logan Airport is not too far away. It's pretty cool to see the planes flying in above you. The bigger jets were a bit scary to watch fly in because the noise was louder, but it was still fun.

The path ends [or begins depending on how you look at it] at Pleasure Bay. There were a bunch of ships anchored in the bay. The tide was also low, so I was able to find some pretty cool seashells. I'm in love with seashells and love to collect them, but I decided to leave them behind. I'm not really sure if its cool to take seashells from the beaches in Massachusetts, so I figured I should probably not take them. Plus, I'm not sure where I would put them in my apartment, so it was really best to keep the awesome seashells on the beach.

My adventure day was pretty successful! A couple of items crossed off of my summer bucket list!

Screenshot 2016-06-03 22.21.10

Screenshot 2016-06-03 22.21.19

Screenshot 2016-06-03 22.21.30

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