One of the things I wanted to do for the summer was to visit as many Boston Harbor Islands that I could. Sadly, I only made it to three of the islands. I visited George's Island, Castle Island, and Spectacle Island.

Spectacle Island is about 20 minutes away from Boston via the ferry. From the island, you could see the Boston skyline and Castle Island. It was a pretty neat view.

The island has a lot of trails that you can explore and a beach where you could swim in a designated area or lay out. My friend and I explored half of the island. We made it to the top of the hill then walked back down and found a spot on the beach to lay out. It was a wonderfully beautiful day to explore the island and to have a little beach day.

A "fun" fact about the island: Boston used to use the island as a big dumping ground for their trash. Now the island is clean and some remnants of the trash can be found as sea glass on the beaches. Unfortunately, you cannot take any sea glass home with you. I looked for sea glass and I couldn't find any. The sea glass may have been on the other side of the beach that I didn't venture over to.

The island had SO many dragonflies buzzing around. I really wanted to get a picture of one {{ or two, or three }} but none of them would land.

Another island checked off my list before summer ended. Maybe in the fall I venture out to more islands!
Screenshot 2016-06-03 21.57.49
Screenshot 2016-06-03 21.57.58
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