Twice a year, a festival called Boston Calling comes to Government Center. Three days of music on two different stages.

The line up for the September Boston Calling looked amazing. Walk the Moon was coming to play, and I was ecstatic because I love Shut Up and Dance. I ended up walking/dancing/singing into the festival to Shut Up and Dance, and watched the end of their set. I thought they were good. Apparently, there were sound issues for them, leaving their set to sound not very loud. Thankfully, they fixed that before the next artist played.

The line-up for the rest of the evening included Chromeo, Chvrches, and Alt-J. I knew of Chvrches, but didn't know their music. I definitely didn't know Chromeo or Alt-J. All their sets were really great. I liked the music more than I thought I would. I became a fan after seeing them.

Overall, my first Boston Calling experience was a success! I'll definitely be attending more in the future!

Screenshot 2016-03-27 00.12.20