I did it. I have FINALLY made it to a Patriots game AT Gillette Stadium.

O. M. G.

The only way I can describe this day was that it was like Christmas for me. I was that excited. I've had this moment on my bucket list for years and I could fiiiinally cross it off of the list!

I'm going to back it up a bit. I bought the ticket before the four game suspension hit Tom Brady. I chose a game in September because I knew I wouldn't want to stand outside in the cold in November or December. Once the suspension hit, I was very upset that I would be going to a game when Tom Brady wouldn't be playing. I would still be seeing my favorite player, Julian Edelman, play, BUT I wanted to watch Tom Brady as the QB. Once the judge overruled the suspension I was very ecstatic. I would be seeing the legendary football player play.

The morning of the game, I had a hard time sleeping. I woke up really early and would be in and out of sleep until I couldn't take it anymore and got up. I rode the "Patriots" train to Gillette. I thought we would get to the stadium an hour before, but arrived about 40 minutes before. It takes a very long time to get inside the stadium. By the time I got through the lines, I had missed the team running out {{ which is my favorite part }}.

I found my seat by the time kick-off happened. Someone was sitting in my seat, so I had to ask them to move and was a little worried, but they were nice about it! The fans are so lively. It was so much fun to be around fellow Patriots fans. One of my favorite parts was when the Patriots would get a first down, the announcer would say: "So-and-so received x amount of yards on the carry, which is good enough for a Patriots -" with the crowd responding: "FIRST DOWN!!"

Some of my favorite highlights of the game:

  • Watching all of my favorite players play
  • Watching Tom Brady throw his 400th TOUCHDOWN pass
  • Seeing Stephen Gostkowski kick his 422nd CONSECUTIVE extra point
  • Watching Edelman catch passes
  • Seeing the Patriots WIN

However, I wanted to see Edelman catch a touchdown pass, but I'm sure I'll go to another game in the future and see it. I also wanted to see a Gronk spike - but again that'll be for another game!

After the game, I walked fast back to the train to catch it. The train leaves 30 minutes after the game and my seats were on the other side of the stadium. I made it to the train in time and was able to find a seat.

I didn't realize how much I missed watching a football game in person. Even though when you watch it on screen, you get all the commentary from the people that know it all {{ aka the blah blah's }} but the energy of the fans and watching it all in the flesh doesn't even compare.

I can't wait to go to more games in the future!

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