Job searching is tough enough. Especially when it's in the same state as you. Or even in the same town as you. Searching for a job in another state 3,000 miles away from you? Exhaustingly tough. Trying to find a job in Massachusetts while in California was ridiculously tough. However, I was very determined to figure out a way to find a job while I was still living in California. I kept sending my resumes to different companies and I would get rejection emails or not hear back from them. Which was not helping me feel confident in my job search. At all. After many tries and no call backs, I went to the trusty interwebs and googled ways to find a job in a new state without actually being there. I found some good tips that I put into use.

Do Not List Your Phone Number

When you list your phone number on your resume, you will be listing a number with the area code of where you live. A hiring manager will not recognize the area code and will skip your resume figuring you did not mean to apply for the position.

If you need to put a number on your resume, buy a Skype number with an area code of the place you want to move to. That way you are likely to receive a call back. If you moved to a new place before you received a job, buy a pay-as-you-go phone with the right area code.

Do Not List Your Address

When looking for a new job in a new area, do not list the address of where you are currently at - especially if you're moving across the country. When I first began to search for jobs, I listed I was in California, looking for a job in Boston. I would be moving there at whatever date I had decided. No one gave me a call. Most hiring managers would not believe that I was moving {{ because who would want to leave sunny California? }}. However, even if you take your location out of your resume and you have a LinkedIn profile, hiring managers may discover where you live.

List Your Email

You want someone to be able to get a hold of you if they like your resume. If you're not listing a phone number, be sure to list your email address!

I did not utilize this next point before I left, but seeing how people actually use this next feature, I would highly recommend building your network.

Have an Awesome LinkedIn Profile

Before I moved to Boston, I had a LinkedIn profile, but it wasn't the best. I think I had less than 30 connections. I would recommend building up your profile and utilizing the network.

Have you moved to another state? Share your tips below!