Spooktacular Salem

Going to Salem during October is the best. I haven't been to Salem during any other time, BUT, with Salem's history, October is the best month.

I went to Salem last year, and had a lot of fun. So this year, going back was a must. New artwork was displayed off of Essex Street at the Peabody Museum. The pieces on display were called Stickwork. The artist who created these massive pieces of art was Patrick Dougherty. The Stickwork pieces were really awesome. The sticks were shaped into houses. The pieces reminded me of Van Gogh's artwork with how they curved. You could go inside the little huts - there really wasn't much inside, but it was great for photo opportunities.

Anything and everything happening in Salem is in Downtown Salem. That's where everyone flocks to. There are different shops you can pop in to, tours, a wax museum, cemetery, and a variety of landmarks to see. A majority of Hocus Pocus was filmed in Salem. If you can, prior to coming to Salem, print out a list of places to visit that were in the movie. The Town Hall in downtown Salem was featured in the movie.

On Essex Street, people come dressed up for photo opportunities. You can get a photo op with the Ghostbusters, Chewbacca, Captain Jack Sparrow, Frankenstein, Michael Myers, and a variety of other creepy, scary characters. I took pictures with the Ghostbusters crew, Captain Jack Sparrow, Frankenstein and {{ of course }} Chewbacca. Taking a picture with the Ghostbusters crew was pretty awesome, because they gave you a proton pack and gun to hold for your picture opportunity. Can it get any better? I think not.

Until next year, Salem!