If there is a craft event happening, you can bet I would want to go to it.

I've discovered this crafting group called Art Ignited. Well, my friend actually discovered it, and I've started going to some of their events. They're inexpensive crafting events. The events have been $5 and they provide all the supplies for you. It's a pretty sweet deal.

One of my friends showed me a jewelry event online that led me to this card making event. I couldn't go to the jewelry event because it was sold out {{ which made me very sad }}. I signed up for this card making event and was very excited to go.

I get really excited about making cards. I have been making my own cards for the past few years. People enjoy receiving homemade cards. Plus, it saves money as well. I like Hallmark cards as much as the next girl, but I can give someone a homemade card and they will cherish that more than the $5 Hallmark card. Plus, when you make your own cards, you can customize the card for the person. When I design a card for someone, I like to think of the smile on their face when they receive it.

This card making event taught us how to emboss our cards. Yes, we would be heat embossing cards. I've never heard of this before, but let me tell you - it's ah.mah.zing. I have become obsessed with heat embossing. I need a heat embossing gun so I can get crafty with my new card making skills.

If you don't know what heat embossing is, I will tell you about this amazing phenomenon. Basically, you stamp glue on your paper, pour glitter all over it, and shake off all excess glitter. After you get rid of all the excess glitter, you use a nifty heat gun to emboss the glitter. Once the glitter starts to heat, it begins to emboss. You can see the glitter change. It's so awesome.

If you want to attend one of Art Ignited's events, check out their schedule! They're doing another card making event on November 4th!