Each year, Boston is home of the Head of the Charles Regatta. The Head of the Charles is a two-day rowing event. The event takes place on the Charles River. Rowers from all over the world come to participate in this race.

Last year, I had wanted to go, but I did not make it to the event. For some reason, I thought the second day would not be as exciting. This year, I planned on going, because I had heard the Head of the Charles is a great event to attend. I didn't make it to the river on Saturday, as I was in Salem, so I decided I would make it out to the event on Sunday.

The Head of the Charles is an all day event, but I only stood for a few hours, as the longer I stayed, the colder it became. Sunday morning the rowers were high school boys from all over the world. I saw some Australian rowers zoom by, British rowers, and more. After the high school competition, women's singles rowing took place. I give a lot of props to those women. I do not think I could ever row in a competition by myself. Later in the day, the women's team racing would be taking place. I was trying to wait for the women's team racing to begin, but I had to give up so I could go home to be warm.

I think rowing is a fantastic sport. A lot of people might not think it is that great of a sport, but it takes a lot of hard work to be on a team. A part of me wants to join a recreational rowing team, just so I can experience it.

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