I'm obsessed with crafting right now.

I've mentioned this group before, Art Ignited, they have different inexpensive craft events popping up in the greater Boston area. It's one of my favorite groups I've discovered. Their classes are not very expensive AND they give you a drink ticket for beer / wine AND usually have pizza!

My latest craft I learned: metal stamped bracelets. I love these bracelets, so the fact that I learned how to make it just makes everything better.

It's really simple learning how to create this jewelry. Copper is an easy metal to work with. It's very easy to bend, mold, and stamp. Before stamping our metal, we used paper to figure out where we wanted to stamp our letters / numbers. Once we figured out where we wanted everything, we could stamp our copper pieces.

Stamping was fun! It was recommended that we lightly hit our letters into the stamps. The guy next to me though kept hitting his letters very hard. It scared me every time.

For the cording, you could choose a small length, or a long length to wrap around twice. I decided on the longer length to wrap around my arm twice, but the length we had to cut, makes the cord wrap around more than twice, which is fine. I like the wrap around look.

For my stamped jewelry, I decided on faith and adventurer. I chose faith because of my faith and to remember to keep the faith when times get hard. I chose adventurer because I'm an adventurer. I like to have adventures - whether they're near or far.

Want to attend one of Art Ignited's events? Check out their schedule for more craft events!
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