I found DIY popsicle holders at Stop & Shop in the clearance section for a really great price. I had to buy them. They've been sitting around my apartment waiting to be used. Although summer is long gone {{ or is it? }} you can never say no to popsicles.

I had some wine and remembered seeing different recipes on Pinterest. I was looking for a recipe using White Zinfandel, but I could not find any on Pinterest. I took to Google to find a recipe. One of the first recipes was for a White Zin slushie. This slushie was from Dessert for Two, which was for the right amount I needed. I tweaked the recipe a bit, as I would be making popsicles.

Screenshot 2016-03-26 22.53.46

Here's how I made my homemade White Zinfandel Fruit popsicles {{ BTW, they were t o t a l l y delish! }}:
Ingredients: 1 c. White Zinfandel 1 c. Frozen Mixed Berries
Screenshot 2016-03-26 22.54.00
White Zin Fruit Popsicles: Pour White Zin + mixed berries into the blender Blend wine + berries until your liking Pour mixture into popsicle mold Freeze for 5 hours When you're ready to eat the popsicles, place molds into warm water to loosen the popsiclesBon appétit!

Have you made homemade popsicles before? What is your favorite recipe to use? Link your recipe in the comments!