My days at home so far have been running around and seeing my family and friends. Monday was a day full of seeing friends. Between all my friends, I had stuffed myself with lunch, cheesecake, and dinner.

Cheesecake is my kryptonite.

Tuesday was a big day - my birthday. I have officially entered my late twenties. Cue the big eyed emoji. My birthday has been really great. I had a hair appointment. My hair really needed some tender love from my stylist here. I have tried to find a new stylist in Boston, but I just can't find anyone that wants to tackle the beast, aka my hair. Plus the last stylist I tried really messed up my hair, so I decided to wait until I came home for a visit to get my hair back in order.

When I "cut" my hair, I actually go in for a thinning. My stylist will usually cut off a few inches then thin out the rest. The aftermath of my hair looks like I cut off so much in length, but it is all of the thickness from my hair. I know I shouldn't complain that my hair is so thick, but it is a lot of hair to take care of. A. Lot. My head actually feels a lot lighter now that there isn't so much hair on my head.

For lunch, I went to my favorite sandwich place. Sadly, Massachusetts does not have Port of Subs. After lunch, my mom and I went to see The 33. A quick synopsis: it is about the 33 Chilean miners who were trapped in the mine in 2010. The 33 is an excellent movie. Later in the afternoon, I went to Superior Dairy for birthday dessert with a family friend. This place makes the best ice cream in the world. I've tried a lot of ice cream, and nothing trumps Superior Dairy. I'm also biased since the only place you can buy Superior Dairy is in my hometown. A tradition in my family is the birthday person gets to pick the dinner location. My hometown does not have a ton of options in the food department, so I chose Applebee's. It was so delicious.

It has been quite cold the past few days. The middle of the day warms up, but the mornings and evenings are freezing. I thought I was leaving the cold behind in Boston for a week. Instead, it has decided to follow me. At least I've been dressing for lower degree weather for a month and am prepared for it.

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