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Nashville, Tennessee.

Nashville is a great city to visit. There is always something going on, there is music EVERYWHERE, and the Southern hospitality is amazing. I was able to see a lot on my trip and had a fantastic time. Are you heading to Nashville? Here are some things to do, restaurants to eat at, and some cool spots to see music:

Books: Read up on Nashville before visiting. I recommend these books/websites: Moon Nashville Nashville Visitors GuideNashville Guru

Photo Nov 26, 2 28 06 PM

Photo Nov 26, 2 28 06 PM

What to Do: The Ryman Auditorium || The Ryman Auditorium is a historic place where everyone should go when they visit Nashville. The Ryman originally started as a Church, but eventually became a venue for concerts, ballets, comedy shows and much more. The Ryman was home to the Grand Ole Opry for 50  years. The only reason why the Opry changed locations was because the Ryman was beginning to show its age and they were going to close the Ryman, until the community decided to renovate the building instead. The Ryman continues to house the Grand Ole Opry during the winter, as the Opry house has Christmas shows. The Ryman is also known as the Mother Church of Country Music. You can tour the Ryman either as a self-guided tour or guided tour. I did the self-guided tour of the Ryman and was glad I decided to take the tour. || Bri at the RymanCountry Music Hall of Fame and Museum + RCA Studio B Tour || The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum is HUGE. Set aside half of the day to tour the whole museum {{ and the studio tour }}. The museum begins with the origins of country music and takes you through the years of how it has evolved. Keith Urban also has an exhibit at the museum. I highly recommend also purchasing the RCA Studio B tour when you purchase your museum ticket. RCA Studio B is where Elvis Presley recorded nearly all of his music. His favorite piano is still in the room and a blue X on the ground marks where he would stand to sing. During the tour, you learn a lot about Elvis' recording styles. Music City Walk of Fame || Nashville has a Walk of Fame - it's not very big, but it is worth stopping by. The Parthenon || Nashville is also known as the Athens of the South. They are the only city in the world to have a full-size replica of the Parthenon. Originally, the Parthenon was temporary, but the city wanted the Parthenon to stay. They then rebuilt the Parthenon with sturdier materials to keep the Parthenon standing. Inside the Parthenon is a statue of Athena and an art museum. Lower Broadway || An iconic piece of Nashville is lower Broadway. This is where all the Honky Tonks are located, along with a variety of shops. John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge || The pedestrian bridge connects downtown Nashville to East Nashville. The views of downtown Nashville are amazing, it's worth walking across. Gaylord Opryland || The Gaylord Opryland is a hotel {{ and where the Opry is when they do not have Christmas programs }}. During the holiday season, they decorate the inside with amazing decorations and lights. It's worth walking around and looking at it all. Printers Alley || Printers Alley is a bit confusing, as the sign for Printers Alley is over the main street and not the alley where you want to go. Printers Alley is where you want to go if you are looking for Blues music. They have phenomenal artists playing.

Places to Eat: Tin Roof on Broadway || Tin Roof is a cool place to go to. There's live music playing the whole time, the vibe is cool. People can write on the walls there, so it's interesting to read what people have wrote. Bri's Recommendation: Club Sandwich Merchants || I went to Merchants based on a recommendation from a friend and I was not disappointed. I sat at the bar and the bartenders were nice, making sure you're well taken care of. The drinks are great, the food is great. I ordered french fries with my meal and they had given me tater tots by accident, so they also brought out french fries. I thought that was nice, but then I had way too many potatoes. Also, they give you popcorn while you're waiting for your meal. Bri's Recommendation: Bacon Cheeseburger + Fries ACME || My airbnb host recommended ACME. I went during brunch on Saturday and ordered chicken and waffles. I had never had chicken and waffles and they were so delicious. Bri's Recommendation: Chicken + Waffles Rock Bottom || Out of all the restaurants I went to, I felt as though this was the most "main stream" restaurant on the strip, but the food was delicious as well. The drinks and service was great as well. Bri's Recommendation: Chicken Tenders The Flipside || The Flipside looks like it's in a house, but once you're inside you're taken back to a 1950s diner. All the furniture is baby blue. Also, Luke Bryan ate there and posted it on Instagram, soooo you might as well go. Bri's Recommendation: 2 for 1 Mimosas + Brunch with Tater Tots 12 South Taproom || I originally came to this restaurant because it was pouring rain outside and wanted to be inside and not drenched, but I definitely recommend going because it's a really cool bar/restaurant. If you go on Sunday, their happy hour is a $3 mimosa - all. day. I didn't order a meal there, I just grabbed some cheesecake - which the flavor of the day was oreo cheesecake. $3 mimosas + oreo cheesecake = winner. Bri's Recommendation: $3 Mimosas all day + Cheesecake Mike's Ice Cream + Coffee Bar || I kept seeing this ice cream place when I was walking around. It was always packed, so I had to go by and check it out. Their ice cream is delicious and I can see why it is always packed. Bri's Recommendation: Cookies + Cream

Murals: Nashville has murals all over the city. I really enjoyed seeing the art every where. I think it gives the city character. I Believe in Nashville ||  DCXV originally created the "I Believe in Nashville" mural. The original mural is in the 12 South neighborhood. I went to this one while I was in the area and this mural was on the top of my list. Willie Nelson || I stumbled across this mural as I was wondering around downtown. I'm not a huge Willie Nelson fan, {{shocker}} but the mural was really cool. Nashville || I also stumbled across this mural when I was walking around - its of the Nashville skyline.

Music: Basically, any place on Lower Broadway has music all day long. You can listen to music while eating or while getting a drink or just pop in to listen. There are a variety of genres played as well. Grand Ole Opry || Definitely grab a ticket to see an Opry show. Each performer gets to perform 2 to 3 songs and there are 3 thirty minute time slots. Each section has a different host who is also a performer during that slot. The show is also a radio show, so its neat being able to see the show while knowing there are people listening at home. Tootsie's Orchid Lounge || There is always a line to get into Tootsie's but it is worth it. I didn't realize it until later, but they also have a rooftop that you can hang out at. Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar || I ducked into this place because I heard music while looking for a blues bar to go in to. Gil was an awesome performer. He let a guy in the audience perform two songs and kept promoting the acts that would be following him later in the evening. ACME || The gentleman who was performing was more of a bluesy singer. He was really awesome and it was great to listen to while eating!

Have you been to Nashville? What would you add to the list?