One of my goals in 2016 is to use Dave Ramsey's envelope system. If you aren't familiar with his envelope system, it's basically where you withdrawal cash from each paycheck, put it in an envelope and only spend that amount each week {{ or every two weeks or month, depending on your paycheck }}. This cash comes from your budget that you would normally spend. Once your envelope is empty, you're done. You can't borrow from another envelope or another part of your budget.

SideNote: I know this will be extremely hard, but this is something I've always wanted to try, so why not now?

Depending on what you can use cash for you can have a few envelopes or a lot of envelopes. My envelope system is starting small because I don't have too much that I need to spend cash on. I have created a budget for the year, all I needed to do was create envelopes.

I found these nifty envelopes at Hobby Lobby:


Who wants boring envelopes? I need to be motivated to use my envelope system, and these fit in well with my style.

I needed to be able to differentiate my grocery, eating out and shopping envelopes. I decided to heat emboss what they were on each envelope {{ I am obsessed with heat embossing }}.


I'm excited with the way they came out! They will be very helpful for spending!

Have you used the envelope system by Dave Ramsey? How did you like it?