It's been about a year since I've given up soda. Which really means Pepsi because I was very addicted to Pepsi.

Okay, sometimes I will drink Sprite. I don't really see that as soda though because it's caffeine free. I just like to drink it for the carbonated effect. Seltzer water just doesn't cut it. I really don't see what the fascination is with seltzer water on the east coast.


I've been trying to get better at drinking water. I've started using this app called, The Plant Nanny, to track my water intake. It's fun because you have to tell the app when you drink water for your plant to grow.

However, regular water is really boring to drink. Especially during my meals. I have a water infuser water bottle so I can put fruit into my water to make it tasty. I read this article recently on Brit and Co. about making different kinds of fruit infused water. Some of the combinations I had not thought about and will be making them in the future. I am interested in trying the raspberry + lime combo.

I decided to infuse my water with limes {because who doesn't like limes?} and absolutely loved it.

Do you like to infuse your water with fruit? What is your favorite infusions?