I have been in the process of re-decorating my desk area in my apartment. It wasn't inspiring to me so I wanted to update it.

I am a huge fan of cork boards and have the 12 x 12 cork squares. I was perusing Pinterest when I saw some people had painted designs on their cork boards. I was immediately intrigued and began thinking about painting my cork boards. I didn't want to paint a design on them, so I decided to paint them a solid color.


The best paint to use is acrylic paint. Any kind of acrylic paint will do. I chose a light green color because my favorite color is green. From there, I used a cheap paint brush to apply the acrylic paint on the cork board.

I only painted one coat on my cork boards. You can do a second coat if you prefer, but I liked the way it turned out with one coat. I let my coat dry over night before I hung them up on the wall.


Have you tried to paint cork boards? How did they turn out?