Last night, I attended TANGOELLA's fashion event at Liquid Art House in Back Bay. Let me begin by saying how great the venue was. I had never been to Liquid Art House prior to the event. It is an awesome space. It has a bar / lounge vibe. The artwork in the space was phenomenal. Just take a look for yourself:

Now, back to the fashion show.

Ella Tang, the amazingly talented woman behind TANGOELLA, created new multipurpose Tango dancewear. This show was showcasing some of her new pieces, along with some new pieces from her spring collection.

Photo Apr 06, 8 11 35 PM

There were two dancers, Alla Lakov + Yves Chretien, who would dance the Argentine Tango. Each time they danced, Lakov had a different dress on to showcase the new line. They were so gorgeous! My favorite dress she showcased was the yellow dress. It was a perfect dress for the tango.

In between dance sets, three models would showcase different dresses by Tang. These dresses were a part of Tang's spring collection. I loved all of the dresses that were showcased. They were so springy. I'm definitely ready for warmer weather and to be able to wear dresses shamelessly { AKA without tights }. Seeing these dresses made my envy warmer weather.

Photo Apr 06, 7 41 09 PMPhoto Apr 06, 7 55 40 PMPhoto Apr 06, 7 55 52 PMPhoto Apr 06, 7 56 25 PM

Overall, I had a great time at the event and met a great group of fashionistas! Check out Tang's work! You'll fall in love with her designs in no time!