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Brunch was an adventure this weekend.

I decided I was going to try The Friendly Toast as a lot of people have been recommending I go there. I did not realize how popular it was, so when I arrived there was an hour and a half wait. For one person. I was starving so I said "no thank you" and headed back to the train.

I decided to go to Christopher's in Porter Square. Their brunch menu is pretty vast. Not only are there breakfast brunch items, there are also non-brunch items available. Basically, anyone would be able to find themselves something to eat.

I tried a brunch special cocktail, the Park Avenue. It was similar to a mimosa, but it had a twist. It was very delicious.

Photo Apr 10, 12 45 53 PM

I was debating between the Loaded Breakfast Nachos, Fruit Stuffed French Toast, The 1920 Brunch Burger, The Chrissandwich and French Toast Sticks. The French Toast Sticks are only listed as an app, so I knew it would not be filling enough. So, today I decided to splurge. I decided to get French Toast Sticks and The Chrissandwich. I knew I would have leftovers because there would be no way I could eat all of that.

I was so excited to have French Toast Sticks. I mean, look at them - how could you say no to those?

Photo Apr 10, 12 53 29 PMPhoto Apr 10, 12 53 19 PM

The Chrissandwich was equally as delicious. It has eggs, bacon, avocado, baby spinach, melted cheddar, tomato, and roasted garlic aioli.  I do not like tomatoes, so I asked for my Chrissandwich to not have tomatoes. I'm not entirely sure if I liked the roasted garlic aioli, but I'm not sure if it was because I was eating French Toast Sticks as well. The sweetness of syrup and the garlic probably didn't mix too well. I'm excited to have the second half of my Chrissandwich for breakfast.

Have you been to Christopher's? What was your favorite dish?

I'm always looking for brunch recommendations!

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