Breakfast Review | Sky Blue Cafe

700 Fatherland Street | Nashville, Tennessee | 37206 | Menu

While in Nashville, I stopped by the cutest little diner for breakfast. The diner is very cute and has the small town vibe to it.

I stumbled across this diner online when I was looking for places to eat in East Nashville for breakfast. It was one of the first places on the list. I checked out their menu and decided immediately that I wanted to go there.

I decided to try the Brie French Toast. Oh. My. Goodness. I would have never thought to make french toast stuffed with brie cheese. Whoever came up with this wonderful concoction is a brilliant, brilliant person. Brie French Toast is SO delicious. You would not think brie and french toast would be a good combination, but it is. My life has been changed in the brunch world.

Photo May 12, 10 14 44 AM

Photo May 12, 10 14 44 AM

Have you been to Sky Blue Cafe? What did you think of it?