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Last weekend, I had the great opportunity to attend Blog and Tweet Boston's brunch at The Kinsale. It was very delicious.

We had a three course menu set up for us with a signature drink. The signature drink was the French 75. For the first course, we could choose between a salad or soup. For the second course, there were more options to choose from: eggs Benedict, pancakes, chicken & waffles, french toast, an Irish breakfast or burger. The third course {aka best course} was the dessert. You could choose between the mud pie, black cabernet cheesecake or flourless chocolate torte.

Brunch began with a round of French 75 or whichever drink you chose to order. The French 75 is a gin based drink. It was very delicious.

Photo May 14, 11 14 22 AMPhoto May 14, 11 14 34 AM

For a mini appetizer, we had brown bread with cider syrup. I was not quite sure if I would like it or not, but it was great. The cider syrup gave it the perfect sweetness to enjoy the bread.

Photo May 14, 11 26 43 AM

The head chef came out to talk to us before our first course came. He was very nice and informative. He answered any questions we had about the meal or restaurant.

Photo May 14, 11 35 54 AM

For the first course, you could choose between an encrusted goat cheese salad or the onion soup. Considering I dislike onions and am not a fan of soup, I decided to choose the salad. I am so glad I decided to choose the salad because it was amazing. The salad not only had encrusted goat cheese, but also caramelized pears, candied nuts, pear chips with balsamic vinaigrette. So. Freaking. Tasty.

Photo May 14, 12 03 07 PMPhoto May 14, 12 03 10 PM

For the second / main course, I decided to order the chicken and waffles. It was a toss up between the chicken and waffles or cinnamon french toast, but my heart led my mouth to say "chicken and waffles" when I ordered. Which proved to be a great decision. The portion was huge. However, it was a great meal. I, unfortunately, could not finish my meal since it was huge! Also, the salad filled me up quite a bit. I ate about half of my chicken and waffles and loved the meal.

Photo May 14, 12 26 57 PMPhoto May 14, 12 27 02 PM

To my right, Clair of The Eye Traveler, chose the Full Irish Breakfast. It looked quite tasty!

Photo May 14, 12 25 59 PM

To my left, Elaine ordered the eggs Benedict. How great does this look?

Photo May 14, 12 26 11 PM

The third course was the tasty dessert. As soon as I saw cheesecake on the menu, I knew what I would be getting for dessert. The black cabernet cheesecake was exquisite. The presentation of the cheesecake with the drizzle was great, the cheesecake was the perfect amount of fluffy and the black cabernet was the cherry on top.

Photo May 14, 1 15 56 PMPhoto May 14, 1 16 12 PMPhoto May 14, 1 17 21 PM

Everyone ordered either the cheesecake or mud pie. No one was complaining about either dessert - so both are equally delicious!

Photo May 14, 1 11 36 PM

Overall, the Kinsale had an amazing brunch. Everyone loved their meals. No complaints were said and we all left with very full and happy tummies. It was great to have brunch with other bloggers because when the food came everyone had to take pictures of their food before they or anyone else could eat. Normally I am a solo bruncher, so having others to talk to and obsessing over food pictures made my day.