Plymouth has been on my bucket list of things to do in Massachusetts. I wanted to see Plymouth Rock and where the Pilgrims once were. I finally had my chance, and spent the day exploring Plimoth Plantation, the Mayflower II, and Plymouth Rock.

Plimoth Plantation is where the Pilgrims settled upon arriving to what is now known as America. While at Plimoth Plantation, you can visit the Wampanoag Homesite where you can see where the Wampanoag tribe would have lived in the 17th Century. The Wampanoag Homesite staff are not role players - they are Native People either from the Wampanoag tribe or from other Nations dressed in historically accurate clothing.

After the Wampanoag Homesite, you will come upon the English Village re-creation where the Pilgrims lived. There were cows and chickens, dirt floors, and staff acting as people from the 17th Century. I would recommend wearing tennis shoes or closed toe shoes.

Pricing - Combo ticket {pick two attractions }: $31

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There is a replica of the Mayflower you can visit and board. It is about 2 miles away from the Plantation. The boat was small - I could never imagine being on a small boat for months at a time.

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After checking out Mayflower II, we stopped by Plymouth Rock. The iconic rock that was smaller than what I had imagined.

Pricing: free

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Once the touristy things were done, we stopped by Plymouth Bay Winery for wine tasting. The wines were berry based, making them sweeter. I thoroughly enjoyed this wine tasting. It was also my first wine tasting { shocker, I know! }. There were two wines during the tasting I did not enjoy as much, but otherwise I loved the taste of the wines we tried.

Pricing: $7 for 10 wines { whole collection } + a stem or stemless wine glass is included

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